Effe Animazione is born as a branch of the Theater
FavolaFolle, a consolidated reality that has been
involved for more than ten years in shows, entertainment
and theatrical organization.

The purpose of our proposal is to offer holidaymakers an
entertainment program that differs from the now out of date
activities proposed by most of the staff working today in
holiday spots.
The task we have undertaken is to “rejuvenate” this concept of entertainment, proposing a program in step with the times that may be fun, engaging and rich, though remaining accessible to everyone, from the smallest to the biggest, never being intrusive or inappropriate.


For this reason our animation focuses, in particular, on the
realization of high artistic level evening shows, which count on the presence of young professional performers.
The evening contents will be combined with normal entertainment
activities, revisited in an innovative way that will guarantee to
amuse the customers of the Torrenova Camping Village with
performances rich and always up to expectations.
A new, authentic way to entertain focusing on amusement and
fun, covering all the parts of the day with its many activities, such
as: sport, fitness, cabaret, dance, Mini Club for children, creative
workshops and many other activities…
So, if you want to spend your holiday out of the ordinary, the
Torrenova Camping Village is the one for you!